Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Absolute Neccesity of Anger

Here's what I want to say: Get comfortable with my anger.

Think of it as a roaring fire in a stone fireplace. Pull up a chair, grab your hot toddy, and bask in its glow. Your cheeks are going to get rosy, but that's just grand. It looks good on you.  I have a story to tell, and what better place for stories than in front of a roaring fire when the storms of disquiet rage outside the windows.

Lean closer to me. You need my anger. You need it to keep you warm when you are chilled to the very marrow of your soul.  You need it when you are weary and tired of fighting.   My anger will ignite you from within so you can keep going.

Don't be afraid of my anger. It is a bright light in a dark night.

The world is full of brimming chaos and swirling dissonance.  Those howling winds of change and cacophony are going to blow down the very walls of your ignorance and denial.  Good. So it should. But my anger lights the way through and lights the path towards a new way of being.

Don't tell me to simmer down and bank my fire.  Because someday there will be no fire left and the hearth will be barren, cold, with nothing left but ashes. You'll miss my anger then.

Fire is cleansing. So is anger. It burns down what is not needed so new growth can take root.

Every activist knows that the power of anger doesn't come from explosion but from its ability to light other fires so that the warmth of new ideas, and new possibilities can take root in us all.

Don't tell Deaf folks to stop being so angry. It is their anger that will lead us all out of the darkness.  Follow them into the light.  Come closer. Get warm. 

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  1. I agree. Here is how I feel about it, too